BCE0018: The Name PostEffectsBase does not denote

i got a few things from the assets store but i’m having some problems, when i load up any of the demo scenes i get this error
Assets/Standard Assets/Image Effects (Pro Only)/Image Based/Sources/EdgeBlurEffectNormals.js(15,37): BCE0018: The name ‘PostEffectsBase’ does not denote a valid type (‘not found’).
also /DepthOfField.js(44,28) and BloomAndFlares.js(46,30)

I tried reimporting all, just importing image effect pro package. uninstalling and reinstalling unity but nothing works how can i try these and test them in unity free 3.5.5 if they cant run… could seem one help me with want i’m doing wrong.

I found an answer (sorry, lost the link that had a much better explanation than I’m capable of), but the basic solution was to move all of your other folders/scripts that are part of asset bundles and packages. Move them all into the Standard Assets folder in your project.

For example, I was having trouble with Image Effects Pro, and the solution was to move the Editor folder (that had some editor scripts for this package) into the Standard Assets folder, AS WELL AS moving an unrelated shader package into the Standard Assets folder. I don’t know why the other package should have caused this one to throw this error, but moving it solved the problem.

To add to the above answer, you might also need to re-import all the latest Standard Assetes packages from the Unity installation directory, and make sure they are under /Standard Assets instead of /subdirectory/plugin name/Standard Assets/.

I know this is long-answered by now, but I just spent an hour or so fussing with this problem and none of the solutions I found fixed it. That’s when I realized that PostEffectsBase was included in the Sample Assets directory, which, since it’s a js file, was not compiling in the proper order and causing the scripts to be unable to see it. Moving it into Standard Assets fixed the problem.