BCE0019: component is not a member of 'Object'

Project has thus far been compiling fine, ran into some issues that seem to be caused by not using #pragma strict when compiling for iOS, but "fixing" them has resulted with this:

Using the (slightly snipped) code

var selected;
var master;

    function update()
    selected = master.GetComponent("Master_control").selected as Master_control;

results in "BCE0019: 'GetComponent' is not a member of 'Object'.", with tag and transform popping up later in the script for the same error.

I've tried casting as gameObject, GameObject, and Object to no luck, though I'm now confused on the difference between the first two.

Any ideas?

UPD1: New code:

#pragma strict
var selected : GameObject;
var master : GameObject;

function Update () 

    selected = master.GetComponent.<Master_control>.selected;

in your code master is Object, it must be GameObject or Component and then try this

selected = ((Master_control)master.GetComponent("Mater_control")).selected;

m_r_d_e gave the answer. However, your script has other problems.

If master were a GameObject or Component, then what'd you actually need is

selected = (master.GetComponent("Master_control") as Master_control).selected;

But that uses the GetComponent that takes a string, which is no good. You could improve its performance by doing

selected = (master.GetComponent(Master_control) as Master_control).selected;

But that's long. Use the generic form, which is as yet undocumented. :-P

selected = master.GetComponent.<Master_control>().selected;