BCE0019: 'enabled' is not a member of 'Object'.

function PauseGame() {

savedTimeScale = Time.timeScale;

Time.timeScale = 0;

AudioListener.pause = true;

if (pauseFilter) pauseFilter.enabled = true;

currentPage = Page.Main;

transform.position = new Vector3(0, 1, 0);
Screen.lockCursor = false;


you’re right. it’s not.

put #pragma strict back in at the top of the script and fix the errors which that reveals. lazy-typing causes problems if you don’t know what’s what.

True, its not a member of Object, its basically a member of GameObject. I cannot see a clear code of what pauseFilter is, you can try casting “as GameObject”, but that might not work depending on the case, share the full code with us, that would let us help you more.