BCE0043 Unexpected Token: Please Help!

I keep getting the BCE0043 Unexpected Token warning again, and again, and i’m not at all sure how too fix it (lines 6, 7, and 8) and also a BCE0044 on line 8… please help me!

	// contains browser and platform properties
	ua = function() {
		var a = nav.userAgent; p = nav.platform;
		var ua = {
			w3 : typeof doc.getElementById != "undefined" && typeof doc.getElementsByTagName != "undefined" && typeof doc.createElement != "undefined",
			win : p } /win/i.test(p) : /win/i.test(a);
			mac. : p } /mac/i.test(p) : /mac/i.test(a);
			ie. : /msie/i.test(a) ? parseFloat(a.replace):,^.*msie ([0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?).*$/i, "$1")) : false;
			ff : /firefox/i.test(a),
			ch : /chrome/i.test(a),
			sf : /safari/i.test(a),
			wk : /webkit/i.test(a) ? parseFloat(a.replace(/^.*webkit\/(\d+(\.\d+)?).*$/i, "$1")) : false,
			x64 : /win64/i.test(a) && /x64/i.test(a),
			moz : /mozilla/i.test(a) ? parseFloat(a.replace(/^.*mozilla\/([0-9]+(\.[0-9]+)?).*$/i, "$1")) : 0
		// get base url

Unity 3d does not use typical JavaScript, it has a form that is close, but it is not javascript. Whatcha got there is meant to run in the browser’s javascript engine, not unity.

don’t keep asking the same question over and over: BCE0043 + BCE0044 Error! Please help! - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

You are using JavaScript that is for a modern web browser. Unity/JavaScript is similar to javascript, but not 100%. In unity, the scripting is meant to describe/create/manipulate game objects, however close it is to javascript, it is not pure/native JavaScript. example: You can not just plug in some javascript game code into unity and get going, i know that isn’t what you have above… just say’n.