BCE0044 expecting ), found 'script' and BCE0043 unexpected token )

I made a simple moving script when these 2 errors came up and it said they were on (6,78) and (6,102) but both end up in the middle of words and when i try to remove ) it come up with more errors can any one please help me?
This is the script-

var walkAcceleration : float = 5;
var cameraObject : GameObject;

function Update () 
	transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(cameraObject.GetComponent(look script).currentYRotation);
	rigidbody.AddReletiveForce(Input.GetAxis("horizontel") * walkAcceleration, 0, Input.GetAxis("vertical")* walkAcceleration);

It’s inside your GetComponent. Wrap the name of your script inside “”, like:


I dont want to give you the answer directly, but here is your problem:

GetComponent(look script)

Aditional hint, focus on script name.