BCE0044: expecting :, found ','.

I need help :frowning:

BCE0044: expecting :, found ‘,’.

var vecPoint:Vector3;

function Start () {
vecPoint = {Vector3.right,Vector3.up,Vector3.forward,Vector3.left,Vector3.down,Vector3.back};

This isn’t literally javascript and you’re not trying to create a literal javascript object, remove the curly braces and put your elements/items that are going into the array between square brackets.

var vecPoint:Vector3[];

function Start () {
	vecPoint = [Vector3.right, Vector3.up, Vector3.forward, Vector3.left, Vector3.down, Vector3.back];

P.S. Format your code in the future, don’t be lazy asking for free help, include the line number that the error is thrown on and ensure it lines up with your code example in some form or fashion. Please tag your questions correctly, i’m going to modify your single selection of “need-help” which is a horrible way of categorizing your question.