BCE0044 unexpected char : 'h'.

hello. from a few hours I do not know what to do
Here is part of my script

FixedUpdate function () {

h = Input.GetAxis ("Mouse X ') = hSpeed;

transform.Rotate = 0.h.0;

animator.SetFloat (‘Speed​​’, v);

animator.SetFloat (‘Direction’, h);

You inverted the function declaration, it must be:

function FixedUpdate () {

And not the other way. This is the reason of the exception raised, then there is also the error notified by Destran: transform.Rotate is a function not a variable, and anyway the value you put there is not even a value, and other errors as well.

Here is how it should have been:

function FixedUpdate () {
   var h : float = Input.GetAxis("Mouse X");
   transform.Rotate(0, h, 0);
   animator.SetFloat ("Speed", v);
   animator.SetFloat ("Direction", h);

You shouldn’t copy and paste random piece of code from an example to another without understanding what it does.