BCE0048: Type 'Object' does not support slicing.

Hi all…i’m very new to unity…i’ve already got unity and “Unity 3.x game development by example” book.In Chapter 5 of book,we’re creating a game named Robot Repair…but i have something wrong in the code(above error doesn’t let me compile).I know this question was asked few times already,but answers are all greek to me because i’m just now starting to learn about game development.
#pragma strict

var cols:int;
var rows:int;
var totalCards:int=16;
var matchesNeededToWin=totalCards*0.5;
var matchesMade:int=0;
var cardW:int=100;
var cardH:int=100;
var aCards:Array;
var aGrid:Array;
var aCardsFlipped:ArrayList;
var playerCanClick:boolean;
var playerHasWon:boolean=false;
var i:int;
var j:int;

function Start ()
	aCards=new Array();
	aGrid=new Array();
	aCardsFlipped=new ArrayList();
	for (i=0;i<rows;i++)
		aGrid*=new Array();*
  •  for (j=0;j<cols;j++)*
  •  {*

_ aGrid*[j] = new Card();_

function OnGUI ()
* GUILayout.BeginArea (Rect(0,0,Screen.width,Screen.height));*
* BuildGrid();*
* GUILayout.EndArea();*
* print(“Building grid!”);*

class Card extends System.Object
* var isFaceUp:boolean=false;*
* var isMatched:boolean=false;*
* var img:String;*

* function Card ()*
* {*
* img=“robot”;*
* }*
error is showing line “aGrid*[j] = new Card();”*

It’s the #pragma strict directive that’s causing this error: the compiler “thinks” that the aGrid elements are objects, not Arrays. Remove it and your script will work.