BCE0048: Type 'Object' does not support slicing

Hi all,
I’m fairly new to oop, I’m following this book, we’re making a memory card game, and when I type out all the code, I get that error, I read some other answers and they said that you’d have to remove the #pragma strict from your code which I did, and the problem continues. Any help is appreciated. Problem rests at line 30 apparently.

var cols:int;
var rows:int;
var totalCards:int=16;
var matchesNeededToWin=totalCards*0.5;
var matchesMade:int=0;
var cardW:int=100;
var cardH:int=100;
var aCards:Array;
var aGrid:Array;
var aCardsFlipped:ArrayList;
var playerCanClick:boolean;
var playerHasWon:boolean=false;
var i:int;
var j:int;

function Start()

playerCanClick = true;

aCards = new Array();
aGrid = new Array();
aCardsFlipped = new ArrayList();
for(i=0; i<rows; i++)
aGrid *= new Array();*

for(j=0; j<cols; j++)
aGrid*[j] = new Card();*

class Card extends System.Object
var isFaceUp:boolean = false;
var isMatched:boolean = false;
var img:String;
function Card()
img = “robot”;

Put the #pragma strict back in then change line 30 to:

(aGrid *as Array)[j] = new Card();*

I know you are working through a book, but for your own work, I recommend avoiding the Array and ArrayList classes. These classes are slow and untyped. For the code above, aGrid and aCards could have been built in arrays. ‘aCardsFlipped’ could be done with a .NET generic list. Here is a reference on collection types:
P.S. I believe I worked through the same book at my first step in Unity.
[1]: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php?title=Which_Kind_Of_Array_Or_Collection_Should_I_Use%3F