: BCE0051: Operator '*' cannot be used with type 'Object' and type 'float'.

how to make a function array a variable type in JS? function array as parameter?

Is there another way to write this line, that doesnt take up 3 lines?:

vertex.y = (eqf[eqf2](vertex))*blend + (eqf[eqf1](vertex))*(1-blend) ;

  eqf[eqf2](vertex) is a float function, from an function array.

eqf  = new Function[ 5 ];//function array ready for functions, but not type float
eqf[0 ] = equation1;
eqf[1 ] = equation2;
eqf[2 ] = equation3;

if i write

       var first1 =(eqf[eqf2](vertex)),

`` i will be able to multiply it, but it will add 9 lines in total and it will make it scruffy.

OK pragma strict was on. it’s running now but there is a bug.