BDI Agent Programming in Unity3D

Hi, I am going to develop a BDI agent based application in Unity. I will also develop a visual framework to build these agents easily. The users should define their agents belief base, plan library and acts in the visual editor. They only should code the acts in the script.

I tried to use JASON (java based agent programming framework) and give results to the Unity application by using socket networking and I think I can make it work. But the problem is The user should code all of these in Java. But I don’t want this. The user should code it in C#. I am thinking of generating a java code according to the script the user coded. For e.g: when the user writes a method called “doSomething”, a correspoing java code which includes this method will be generated too and communucates with the method in the Unity script. Is it possible?

Or more specific question is; is there a way to use Agent Oriented Programming Language like AgentSpeak or JASON in Unity?


Hi Emre,

I also think about doing the same thing as you aim to. Instead of JASON, however, I was inclined to connect the GOAL AOL ( with Unity3D. This provides an RMI interface for process distribution. Perhaps, it is possible to integrate an RMI client into Unity3D (written in C#)?

Well, let’s keep in contact.