beamserver2 web deployment

Hi. I am planning to develop an online game on facebook. of course it has to be a web player. i am planning to use beamserver2 as the server. it gives you 2 dlls which are beamclient.dll, and beambase.dll

my question is, how do i deploy those 2 dll on web player? where do i place them on my server? thanks you

You basically just drag them into your project.

Here is a simple tutorial for how to use those two files with unity:

You don't put them anywhere on the server, you'll just build them in

I have done those tutorial above. but it havent been working so far, so I thought the problem was at the dll that cannot be accessed with the web player client.

I see. so when i build the unity3d file, it automatically compiles the dll into the same file. thank you.