Beast-baked Lightmap sudently rotated 90 degree afte unity update

Hey, just around update to unity 3.5, all instances of a given prefab (a room), had their lightmap messed up.
-it has becme rotated 90 degree

The lightmap consists of only 1 map and has been created in beast.
-and as its not a image file, we can’t just open it and rotate it.

I have also tried updating to the latest version, then reimporting all assets.

alt text
alt text

Yeah, not mch have been broken, but still ouzzles me :slight_smile:
-have posted a bug, but don’t assume anything will come from it (can’t attach the project).

And thanks for the nice words on the project, you can see our trailer here (with the right lightmap :slight_smile: )
link text

Okay, actually got a reply from the Unity bug report, basicly stating that:

Some lightmaps gets fooked after update. - please rebake
Which I then did.

Why didn’t I do it in the first place?
Well, “somebody” did not commit the test-scene that the baking and light were setup in, so had to start from scratch, which took like a whole days work (and the somebody does not work here anymore…).
-evil co-worker!

Edit: how do you close this question, as its resolved?

You were lucky after the upgrade and fiddling with some scripts unity wont create any new projects and run some older ones. I had to go back to 2.6; 3.5.1 is really strange. nice project you have going one btw