Beast - Can't append 254 lightmaps only 150 appended


this is the first time I really have a problem with beast or basically with unity’s lightmapping system. I used to bake small scenes without any issues at all so now it was about time to bake a farely big scene that includes about 568 objects 367 of them static.

Well I am not very experienced with beast’s setup (only touch it to get the light calculations right) so I didn’t lock the atlas and pressed the bake scene button.

I have a very fast system, however it took about 5 hours to do all the calculations for an indoor scene. As I can see beast succeeded without any errors to bake all those lightmaps however I get the following error once I press play:

Cant append 254 lightmaps, since that would exceed the 254 lightmaps limit. Appending only 150 lightmaps. Objects that use lightmaps past that limit won’t get proper lightmaps.

Basic question: If my system is able to handle the scene and it’s textures without any issues, why then is it having problems with the lightmaps? I see ingame that about half of the level uses the generated lightmaps whereas the other half doesn’t. So how can I avoid this issue or how can I set the lightmaps limit?

Thanks in advance!

Try turning your texels down so they
fit into less maps. Start with a small
number of texels until you have what
you want. Then start tweeking without
tweeking to much then what you really
need to look good.

– by mrekuc

Thanks reducing the texels solved it!