Beast incorrectly lightmapping Objects

Currently, I am having some difficulty lightmapping a light fixture.

I have gotten the lights (which are located in child game objects of the main fixture) to produce the desired lighting for my scene (Image One).

However, when I bake the lights into a lightmap, the lightmap is completely different than the conditions prior to it being mapped (Image Two).

I have tried modifying the bake settings and the lights themselves in various ways but it has not helped. Also, I have tried updating and re-installing Unity.

I only want to lightmap the five lights surrounding the mesh but not the two ones in the center.





I have been struggling to find and answer for this for a while and am not sure what else to try. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(On a related note, if you know of any good lightmapping tutorials for objects, feel free to share them)

You must select only the lights in your case , do not make them child of your object to enlight. Lightmapping means baking that means it will calculate for you the amount of light for a gameObject walking around these. Also in the lightmapping editor select not all but lights if you just have lights that can interfere with the lightning. Last thing make lights as static , at least lightmapping layer enabled.