Beast lightmap looks different in scene/game view vs play mode

Here is the camera view from the 'Game' tab:

alt text

Granted it looks like crap, but it looks better than the "Play" mode:

alt text

There are a few other objects that do this as well. Any ideas?

Thanks everybody. Not sure exactly what the problem was, but creating a new material and applying it to the object fixed it. I guess credit goes to Jesse for questioning the shader. Maybe there is a more elegant fix that does not involve creating a new material?

@Jesse: The material was just a simple solid color Diffuse. All of the shaders are default. As far as I know, there were no scripts modifying anything.

@Justin: Not sure which program made this. The object was downloaded from some site (materials included). It was a 3DS file, but that doesn't necessarily mean is was created in 3DSMax.

@Bunny: "Generate Lightmap UVs" was selected.