Beast Lightmapper + Blending Shader


I’m using this shader to create a blending effect between different types of gravel. My problem is that when Beast Lightmapper is applied to the level object the shader no longer functions and the surface defaults back to the first texture applied out of the four in the material (Tex1, Tex2,Blend layer + bump). The image below shows my dilemma.

I don’t yet have enough knowledge of shaders to jump into it and figure out where the lightmap is applied but if one of you can help me out I’d be eternally grateful!


Before and after image

Aha! It took me a few hours but I figured out the shader I was using was obsolete so I binned it.

I fixed the problem by downloading Strumpy Shader Maker for Unity (See the Asset store, it's free) then made the following configuration:


I hope this helps someone else and saves some time!