Beast Lightmapping, Baking texture step ( past GI calculations)

I’m finding that the act of writing Unity/Beast writing down the gi calculations into a lightmap takes WAY longer than doing the calculations themselves.
I’ve always seen on videos when the status bar is shown during the process than GI calculations always take a lot longer than baking ( although with speedups in video I can’t really be sure 100%) but for me, the GI calculations are probably taking 10% of the time of a bake.
I don’t think that I have crazy settings, but I’ve tried from extremely to high enough and it’s always the baking texture step ( not the edge dilation or whatever that final step is called by Beast before Unity imports the lightmaps.)
Is there something I can change somewhere? Would it run faster if Unity was installed on an SSD? It’s been killing me for a while and I would really love to find out if it’s something that everyone experiences or not
( Otherwise, I’ll think of migrating back to doing lightmaps in Mental Ray / Vray and try to figure out how to render radiosity lightmaps outside of Unity.)

there is an asset to extend beast features so you can dig into granular settings… works quite well. perhaps you can tweak some GI settings with it.

I would check some of these in GI settings:

Rays (1000 is default I believe)
Bounces (3?, with 2 bounce boost?.. not sure what the defaults are there)

… and I’m pretty certain many of the tweaks are “almost” exactly like Turtle…