Beast Lightmaps looking blotchy and uneven

I have been trying to create Lightmaps in Unity 4 latest… Imported geometry from Max. I had unity generate lightmap UVs. I watched all the tutorials that i could find. My results are ok… I am using very high settings. 10,000 rays and a resolution of 200 etc…

I am trying to create a basic set up for generating these lightmaps for quick system setups. The maps are not compressed.
alt text[7507-lightmap+question-02.jpg|7507]

I am not sure what lights i need for this type of thing either… i have one light in my scene a point light. I tried the Deferred lighting to bake with shadows… it was ok and i might use that in the future but for right now i just want a way to produce smooth lightmaps quickly for building layouts.

I was also trying to decide about using Complete bake maps from Max or just lightmaps. I was creating Complete maps but i was running into some issues so i decided to try baking lightmaps in Unity instead. My main objects that will be in the building layouts i will bake Complete maps in Max i guess… Unless someone tells me that just using light maps is better. Because i dont know that answer.

So any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


You need to increase padding if you did not prepared your lightmap UVs by hand in external application. Spots are either from light leakage or caused by mipmapping of lightmaps itself.