Beast not creating lightmaps after a full scene bake

I am having an odd problem with Beast that doesn't seem to be happening to anyone else on the forums or IRC. When I bake my scene with beast it takes roughly 7-8 hours (Done it 3 times now). But when it completes (with no errors or warnings) no lightmapps are in my project! If you check out my forum post you can see a picture showing what I'm talking about. The "Last Bake Time" is 7 hours 23 minutes, yet the "Maps" tab under Lightmapping is empty, as well as the folder created by beast to store the lightmapps.. Any ideas?

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Having the same problem, I tested pretty much anything I could and here is what worked for me.

Memory !

Or at least something with high number of calculations + RAM usage. Every time GI was running it maxed out at 1.8/1.7gb RAM and crashed.

I removed Global Illumination (Bounces) and it works.

Sure it's not as beautiful, but at least I can continue working.

Are you trying to bake a 4096 lightmap by any chance? 4096 lightmaps are broken in 3.0f5 and are a known issue (I filed a bug during the beta period).