Because you are not a member of this project this build will not access Unity services. What does this mean?

This is my own project I’ve been working on for over a month. How come I’m not a member, and how do I fix this? Never before has Unity done this when I’ve done a development build.

For me, opening the Services tab (Window → Services or Ctrl+0) helped.

Look at this post:

Setting yourself up as a member might work, but when I tried, I was given the error message: You do not have permission to do this. For me at least, restarting unity and signing in online at the startup worked. I was then included in members. and the error message went away.

@Wumbo_Games answer was helpful.
I fixed it by just restarting the Unity
I was already a member so I didn’t add myself but I just restarted Unity

This happened to me as well, but I tracked it down. The problem was that at the moment I opened Unity, my Internet was unstable. So my Unity client never connected to the services, which is what links you to the project.

The solution was CTRL-0 (that’s a zero)
At the top of that window was permissions error, and another copy of the error explaining that I not connected to services, with a helpful button letting me reconnect.


In Unity go to Edit > Project Settings > Services > Retry Connection.

this happened when your network condition is bad,just restart it.make sure that your internet is available.

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yeah dude. it helped me too.

Thank you MyTona_Vitaly and SirFabular
This advice helped us.
I opened the service dialog Control + zero
then I used the button to build a new project ID

thanks to the community. This was very helpful.
Signed, anonymous newbie