bee_backend.exe flagged as a virus


I've been using Bitdefender for many years and recently it's started complaining about bee_backend.exe when I try and build my game. I assume it's a false positive but wondered if anyone else has this issue lately.

My bitdefender didnt whine about it.. But personally Id be more worried about conhost and cmd.exe being blocked :P

It's weird, this is a fresh Windows 11 install since the last issues I had too.

virustotal said the file is clean

try uploading it and see if is the same file as the one I've posted the link or it got infected somehow (link is for the file from the unity version you have posted)

It's 2023. You don't need an anti-virus program any more. Windows itself is a better anti-virus than literally every other anti-virus program out there.


It's the same as yours

Where did you get that info from?

Independent security companies. It's in the top of their lists alongside Bitdefender.


Well I'll uninstall BitDefender then.

If I get a virus:


In fairness there are reasons to run multiple anti-virus programs, but most people don't need that and can just use the site mentioned earlier.

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I've been using the default Virus and Malware system that comes with Windows since Windows 10. As others' have found, after a bit of research, the built in protection tools that come default with Windows10/11 are top of charts. I've never needed a third party security tool since. I've saved money as well.

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Cool. Do you know if there's a benefit to the upgrade that comes with Office 365?

Are you referring to the different tiers of Office 365?

bro, don't look up what a ransomware is if you don't want a hearth attack

Yeah I wasn't born yesterday.

Ransomware attacks happen when some idiot opens/installs something on their computer they shouldn't. No amount of anti-virus programs in the world can prevent that. This is how a majority of people end up with malicious software on their computer in the first place.

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Not only that, but the same ransomware protection you'll find in most antivirus packages has been in Windows Defender since Windows 7.