Before i try can i do this collusion this way

Greetings Unity Community!

I hope you guys want to help me out if what i am about to do is a great idea or there is a much simple way !

So basicly i have this high building that my player can shot at and then it flips and out of how it hits the platform, it gives a score.
and here is my qustion … i want to make a point system , and my first thought was to make some kind of % of the gameobject fliped over to the score position if u can follow me, so like if 50% of the game object touch where the building needs to flip over to then some points are grande ++ to the score … … instead of this metod which i could not figure out how to do , i though what if i made empty gameobjects and then scripted 4-5 different if statements based on how many of the emty game objects collidet with the score “floor” or other game object … like if it was only the top of the building touching the place where the building needs to flip over to then X ++ points was granded to the score and the GUI on screen… and like then another If statement if the top and the button touch then a higher score will be grandet …

so this is basicly my idea and i just wants to know before i start of trying this if you guys know a easier way or you just think this sounds great , becouse then ild will just go for it

kind regards


Hi, I’m fairly new to unity but your method sounds like a good idea. I reccomend trying it out and see what happens.