Beginner asks

Hi, I am a beginenr who downloaded Unity few days ago. I am just wondering what exactly I should know before I start creating games. For example do I really need to know programming, modeling and etc.?

I’d like to create something like a towerdefence.

Well I programmed in C++ and SDL Api, but it wasn’t so effective for me. Because I am alone, so my 2nd and last question is. Can I start with Unity like a beginner without any experience with game development?

Thank you for answer and sorry for misstakes. My English is really bad.

Unity is one of the most intuitive and easy-to-learn game engines with a massive engine under the hood.

I jumped on the Unity-wagon a little over a year ago. I had never created or thought of creating a game. I was bored and searched “How to make a game” on Youtube without knowing the effect it would have on my life. And that is where my journey began.

I had no experience or knowledge of creating a game. I was as inexperienced as one could get. If I should comment myself now compared to back then to now I would say that I have made amazing progress. Not only is that because of my dedication to creating games(which is something you must have when creating games), but thanks to Unity´s easy to learn userface, Unitys easy to learn scripting and not least the amazing community that surrounds Unity. They have helped me in ways you cannot imagine and they are always there for you.

Within days I got traction and kicked in gear and moved steadily forward. And to this day(over a year later) I have gotten way more experience and I am still learning the function and what not in Unity. And do you know what the best of all of this? The fact that it is so easy to create small games.

If I could start without any previous knowledge and if I have made it this far anyone else could. As long as the dedication is there you really don’t need anything when starting out. Of course you are going to squeeze you bum cheeks together from time to time, but I am sure you will make it through the first couple of mouths with ease especially when you got experience with programming.

The only advice I can give you is don’t set your goals to high. Don’t try to create the new Call of Duty or the new Halo, start with a side scroller or something. And dedication is key.

And remember the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

While Unity is pretty merciful when compared with low-level graphics libraries like SDL, you still need a certain amount of coding skill to be able to make anything more than simple physics scenes.

3d modelling is a core, absolutely required skill if you don’t want all your assets to be cubes and cylinders.

Everyone starts out as a beginner, so that’s nothing to stop you. If there’s any platform where you would get experience in game design, Unity would have to be one of the best!

One last thing- Tower Defence games can be surprisingly complex. It seems like a simple premise, until you realise you need pathfinding, trajectory modelling, accurate collision detection and lots of models and animations (if you want it to look nice) and all of a sudden it’s really pretty difficult. Try starting out with some kind of scrolling shooter- simple game mechanics, and a good way to familiarise yourself with the engine.

And remember- there’s no reason to get discouraged because something doesn’t work the first time!

I know this is old and you probably have learned much, but I decided to weigh in if you don’t know these things. First of all, you DO NOT have to be good in scripting/coding OR 3D modeling to use Unity. You don’t have to be good in scripting because there are SO many tutorials that they teach you over time almost everything. You don’t have to be good in modeling because of the hundreds of websites that have 3D models that people submitted for you to download. Thank you for listening.

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I am a beginner ,Hi Its me Jangir121- a beginner to unity game development.Actually I want to give 6 colors to a cube at a same time exactly happens in real world.I am familiar with keycodes to get one color at a time against the key pressed but I want 6 colors at a same time like rubik cubes using coding.Can anyone please helps me out for the same.

Er well I’m half into a really great game using 100% playmaker. Once in a rare blue moon I buy a script from the asset store or pay some guy on reddit 20 bucks to make this ultra specific functionality though.

I’ve done extreme artificial intelligence (that doubles as a weather system by probability), all sorts of herding/flocking mechanics, movements, and communicating with the dialogue system for unity (asset store) with Playmaker. Just about the entire game except dialogue system, 2D lighting, a water script, and a drag and drop script is Playmaker.

Of course I set out to make an easier game that is more story rich and animal breeding/hunting based so it’s not really mega physics advanced. And I’m an artist of over a decade with a degree in animation. I just can’t program, lol. 3D modeling, 2D rigs of any kind, scenery, fine!