Beginner Game developer

I have a passion for coding and making games, it is something that excites me so much but also frustrates me a lot and even causes me to be depressed not being able to make what I want to make. I am lost when I start diving into a project. I depend on YouTube tutorials to learn C# in Unity and how to move a 3D player. I have learnt how to use Blender in the past month and I am confident in making 3D game objects, but taking the next step only frustrated me over and over again. Are there any mentors that could help people like me?

Please, If you have any motivation & things you can suggest, please do so, as I am starting to lose hope in myself.

Hi. The best way you can get into game development; specifically, Unity Development is to get certified officially by Unity. Here’s how I started my journey as Unity Developer 2 Years ago:

  • Head down to:
  • Sign In with your Unity ID
  • Unity has 2 Main (General) Courses; which are known as Pathways:
  1. Unity Essentials
  2. Unity Creative Core
  • Start with Unity Essentials. This way you’ll understand core concepts.
  • When you Sign In to Unity Learn; Unity will suggest to you what to do.
  • Once, you finish those you can choose a niche; Designer, Programmer, or any other and learn about that niche. In a few months, you’ll surely make some games and get a job somewhere.

I hope this will help you further. Good Luck :slight_smile:

I highly recommend checking out ChatGPT. It’s like having a tutor with you 24/7. It will explain many basics you may be missing and can even write simple codes for you.