beginner here, cannot open learn tab from unity editor welcome screen

I was able to open the learn tab on my first install, but then when I failed to download a tutorial due to internet disconnection (public limited time use), the next time I open the learn tab, it still stays in the projects tab, it wont let me access the learn tab to re download the tutorial (the 2nd shooting tutorial), I don’t know why it would behave like that, i am using public internet and no way to get myself a private one,


You can get all the tutorials on the unity website at this link:

Unless if you want to download the videos I either recommend reinstalling Unity or using a youtube to mp4 site.

Hope this works.

I’m running into the same issue. When I start Unity, there is no Learn tab, only Projects and Getting Started. Neither of which can access the tutorial files.

I created a bug report.
Case 995086

In the toolbar select Tutorials, then select show tutorials.