(beginner) How can I play animations of multiple objects in a scene at the same time?

*I’m a 3DCG animator using Maya and just started learning Unity so don’t understand basics…
*I can click, drag but I don’t know coding or writing scripts so easy method is so helpful!

There’re a character and a balloon (produced by his nose) in a scene.
I made animations of the character and the balloon with Maya and exported them to FBX files.
In Unity scene, I added “animation” component to both the character and the balloon models and imported the animations, set them to animation components.
When I selected the character and play animation in “Animtion” tab, the character moves (sleep) but the balloon doesn’t move.
When I selected the balloon and play animation in “Animtion” tab, the balloon moves (spread) but the character doesn’t move.
How can I make them move at the same time?
I searched so hard but there’s no answer on Google so please help me.

Welcome. Great to have an artist in here…

Forgive me if I use terms that you don’t understand, but you are going to need to understand Unity terms at some point.

What you have created is a pair of GameObjects. In this case, these will be under an empty parent GameObject, effectively grouping them together. As far as Animation is concerned, they are still two separate GameObjects and the Animation window only operates on a single GameObject at a time.

However, if you play the game (either via the arrow run button at the top of the Unity Window or using Ctrl-P (Cmd-P if on a Mac)), the default animation will play for all GameObjects and you can see both body and nose animated.

Do come back if this is unclear or it doesn’t work for you.