Beginner-Question about 3D-Format

Dear Unity-Community,

is it in any way possible to import 3d-textures via Script that are not listed on the 3D-Format
site? “Unity - Manual: Model file formats

For example. I have hundreds of .jt and .s3d files and I want to import them into unity as assets, so I am able to use
them in my scene.

If it is not possible, is there any way to automize the converting step from lets say 3DS Max, AutoCAD or BLENDER?

Well, that’s not really in the scope of Unity. Unity only supports a few native 3d formats. Most other formats it supports require external software which is used by unity to convert that format to fbx. That is the case with 3ds max and blender.

Also just stating the file extension is usually not enough to determine the actual file format. I guess .jt is Jupiter Tesselation but it could be something else. The extension “s3d” is used by several different formats such as the Simple 3D format, the Shout 3D format and the Shape 3D format

You just need to find an application that can open / convert the format that your files have. However this has nothing to do with Untiy. Unity only supports the formats it mentions in the docs.

If you have trouble to automate a batch conversion in a thrid-party application you should ask such a question in that community (blender, 2ds max, …). Unity Answer is for questions about Unity. Questions like “how do I do XYZ in Photoshop” does not belong here, even when the result is intended to be used in Unity. Otherwise by this logic any question could be asked here.

Such questions might be better suited for the Unity forum. There is the external tools sub forum which is dedicated to topics around external tools and importing / conversion questions.

Thanks for your answer Bunny83.

I have files from Plant Simulation and These files are .jt and .s3d
so the actual Format is “Simulation 3d” i guess.
i found an application that is able to convert those files and i am able to insert thsse converted files in unity, but without their Animation.
AND i have to do it manually!
I know i have to ask in the, lets say photoshop-community, but it could have been that a Person here on unity has a written script for organizing photoshop from unity. So i dont have to open photoshop but say to unity:
“here those files i Need in fbx”. unity opens photoshop imports → converts → exports ----> Import in unity…