Beginner trying to set up random variable for game + and then some.


For a school project I need to make a game that has three factors a kid can check. Temperature (too hot, too cold, just right), chlorine (stanky, toxic, just right) and levels (too much water, too little, just right).

I want the game to start with some random units for these. Say -1 is too hot, 1 is too cold and 0 is just right.
Then I want a script that kind of… checks that?

So when the kid tests their water, the script essentially says:

If water is CORRECT, move onto checking next variable (chlorine), if chlorine IS NOT CORRECT, SPAWN the background image of it being toxic etc.

Does anyone know the right way to start about this? I can link my game assets I have so you can get a better idea, as well as a paper prototype so you can see where I want this game to go.

I am an ABSOLUTE beginner so I apologize!

Good luck with this bud. I dont know how to do all of that but it looks like a nice proyect! Keep it up :slight_smile:

ones i was having difficulties with variables i found a place where it is described in the clearest and childish way - see here - Variables and Int Type Introduction - Learn C# Online at