(Beginner User) Is it possible to merge two VRCSDK controllers?

I'm making an avatar for VRChat and I'm going through all the things I can customize. Currently, I am trying to add this set of laying down and sitting poses. The set comes as a VRCSDK controller, and that's fine, but I already have a controller in the action and FX slot. My custom action controller, "Emotes", has my avatar's emote information (hence the name lol) and it seems like I should just be able to basically "Copy and Paste" it onto another layer in the "sitting/laying" down controller. Not sure if there's an obvious solution that I'm just missing or what. Please let me know if I need to include pictures to help better explain the problem, or what I'm doing.
Version: Unity 2019.4.31f1
OS: Windows 10 Education (school laptop)

TLDR: Is it possible to put a layer from one controller onto another

Never mind, just got it lol

[quote=“Shook1001”, post:2, topic: 885067]
Never mind, just got it lol
I cant figure it out please elaborate

Bump. Same question, no answer found.