Beginner user - nothing will compile in Xcode


I spent about 20 minutes searching this page for an answer to this question and found nothing. I apologize if this has been covered before.

I just downloaded the Unity package free trial, and I have been hoping to try it out. I have the iPhone SDK and have been using it to make simple apps on the iPhone simulator.

When I try to build anything at all from Unity, I get the following error message in XCode:

"Code Sign error: The identity 'iPhone Developer' doesn't match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain"

I have no idea why I have been able to run other iPhone programs but nothing from Unity because of this error. I really want to try out Unity, but my 30 day trial window is disappearing and I haven't been able to test a single thing.

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

This is because you have to have a provisioning profile given to you by the Apple installed on your computer that is active. You also have to have it on your iPod and insert it into Unity. Go to "Edit/ ProjectSettings/ Player" and add in the bundle identifier where it asks for it. Then go to your xCode project and add it in there.

If none of this is familiar to you need to go to the Apple Developer Connection and buy a iPhone Developer Program to be able to accomplish any building to devices through Unity.

“Code Sign error: The identity ‘iPhone Developer’ doesn’t match any valid certificate/private key pair in the default keychain”

It looks for a ‘iPhone Developer’ at your Keychain and it´s not there !
Easy way :

  • create one and point to it !
    Not so easy :
  • Shift+Cmd+B (in Unity), iOS and a hack under Symlink & DevlopmentBuild ONLY !!!
  • DON`T USE AUTOCONNECT PROFILER !!! (You don´t have one right ?!?!?)
  • If you need, you may use Script Debugging too.

Enjoy !