Behave sub-trees

I'm using AngryAnt's Behave, and I have several sub-trees, but when I have them called I don't see the Action's handler called. I've instantiated the main tree and the sub tree, and have the main tree's Tick() method called in Update(). I don't call the sub-tree's Tick() method because that would defeat the purpose of the main tree determining whether or not to call the sub-tree.

public class NonInteractiveCharacter : MonoBehaviour
    private Behave.Runtime.Tree nicSelectorTree = null;
    private Behave.Runtime.Tree idleTree = null;

    void Awake () 
        nicSelectorTree = BLNICLibrary.InstantiateTree(
            new NICSelectorAgent());

        idleTree = BLNICLibrary.InstantiateTree(
            new NICIdleAgent());

    // Update is called once per frame
    void Update () 

        // I shouldn't have to call idle's Tick method since it's called 
        // from the above selector tree

Thanks in advance, Scott

I’m not 100% sure if it is the same issue, but I experienced something similar and I believe that adding the subtree to the list of trees handled by the agent blueprint class (in library properties) fixed it. With the blueprint came virtual method calls instead of reflection I think, maybe this is the only way it works.