Bend 3d object (Mesh) at Runtime

Hi, so I am making a game that will change some things based on the overall speed of the game and player charachter (don’t want to get in to much datails) Though something that can help you picture what i am trying to achive is that this game is subway surfers style, if you’ve ever played it (which i doubt that you haven’t).

One of the things that will change is the player path and it will change
from this:
To something like this: ( Not the same scalling its just somthing i made quickly for the sake of demonstration like i dont want it to strech as much )
Basiclly I want to bend the platform at runtime.

How in the world can I do that.
AnyThing can help!!

You mean something like this:

How to make plane look curved?

So, After a week of searching an scouting the internet for an easy simple way to bend the damn mesh at Runtime, I finally found an answer, But not something that I Personally would enjoy making.
Simply you CAN do it, but:

You would have to create the mesh yourself in unity itself, as in assign all the vertecies and triangles and have to work all of that in vectors.
it sounds more complicated than it actually is, but this is way to much for what I want to achive + I’ve givin up on the idea of having a bent mesh in the game.

Still if you have a way post it here in the thread or somewhere on the internet, so that somebody else can find the answer more easily.

Pretty lame answer but sorry, that’s what I have.