Best Android Tablets for Augmented Reality with QCAR? - specifications.

Hey everyone,

Im looking for any information i can find on supported and best tablets for Augmented reality on Android.

What i know so far,

  • Must run android Version 2 or higher.
  • Must have a good front mounted camera ( I’m not sure what resolution QCAR actually takes in though?)
  • Good processor, RAM and graphics card.

What tablets have you used with QCAR, and did any not work?

I’m currently using a Galaxy S2 smartphone with ‘gingerbread’ - 2.3.3, and it seems perfect.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.


  • Graeme

The Galaxy Tab 10.1 works very well (its running Android 3.0).
The Motorola Xoom works fine, too. I used both with QCAR.

For augmented reality in general (things like this), the Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems to have a bit better Rotation Vector sensor; also the display has more vibrant colors (which may or may not be good).

If you want the best image quality (maybe some AR processing), maybe you could get a Galaxy Tab 10.1v (an inbetween model), because it has an 8 MP camera instead of the 3 MP camera of the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. Xoom’s camera is 5 MP.