Best approach for 2.5D scene tiles

I’ve been starting to piece together a 2.5D action/adventure game and plan to have a large overworld broken up into “scene tiles” - think zelda - a link to the past - here’s a ref video of what I mean.

So far I’ve been thinking I will have my environment broken up into several large tiles (maybe 50 - 100 for the entire world). Would the best way to manage that be to keep only the current tile active and the rest of the world objects deactivated, and flip them on and off as needed? Or maybe additive scene loading (if it doesn’t cause a huge hitch) with some way to unload smoothly?

Any ideas / tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I’d say if your tiles doesn’t have any scripts to them you should be good to go as is. The camera frustrum should automatically handle some of the issues with having a large scene with this sort of setup. The most important aspects is that you should monitor how much ram it demands and to deactivate things like AI, rigidbodies and other possibly heavy components outside of view.

You should have benefit in using OnBecameVisible and OnBecameInvisible for some parts.

Thanks! Sounds like I’m on the right path.