Best approach to implement the Lorentz transformation


I’m new to unity and working on a project where we I’m trying to implement the Lorentz Transformation. This is a relativistic physical effect that occurs as you travel close to the speed of light. It basically effects where you perceive objects to be in different places and of different sizes due to the fact that you experience time travelling at a different speed.

The project doesn’t have to model it exactly, so a way of achieving its effects would be to create a layer in unity, between the code which stores objects properties and the code which renders the image. What would be the best way to achieve this?

The project hopes to do something like this Experience Relativity Firsthand In MIT Video Game That Slows The Speed Of Light but to make it a more playable game. MIT are releasing their code open source, but they aren’t doing that soon, and as I’m doing it for a university project, I don’t know if we can just use their code.

If you want to have per object, then simply calculate how much object is moving relative to the player, pass that vector to a shader which takes that vector into account when drawing objects.

If you want it per pixel, then do similar thing: calculate this vector per pixel (based on prev and current matrix) and use that delta to adjust color of the pixel.