Best Button for UnityGame 2D

Hi, I have three question about Button in Unity Game.Please help me.

  1. In Unity, the Default button is a Rectangle. How can I change them ? Such as I replace default by a image and It don’t fit the size of Default ?52038-screenshot-239.png

  2. Can I create a button by Image ? Give me an example.

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Reply to your Questions are as per my understandings :-

  1. You can’t change the default shape of the buttons, but you can take the image with alpha so that It will look like a button ( the way you are displaying in the screenshot are correct, but I don’t know that this is only image or button)

  2. Now few things like checkBox of Preserve Aspect which you can use for not stretch out the photos or this will also help you to not compress the images ( Your current image is looking like this)

3)Yes you can create a button with your image just add the Following things as displayed in the screenshot.The screenshot I think give you the answer of all your question like your custom image as a button, the components required to use image as a button.