Best cross platform Http Library?

I’m building a multiplayer game with a custom Java Spring Boot backend. Unity will be the frontend client to this application in order to be able to ship the game to all major platforms.

In order to achieve this I need a rock solid Http Library to communicate (primarily RESTful) from Unity to my Web Server.

Some options would be

  • UnityWebRequest
  • Www class
  • C# Http

But there may be others I’m not even aware of - which solution would be the most feature complete and would work the best on all major platforms?

for a http server, Unity’s WWW class is simple and great for request/responce from your server. Also, Dont forget about unitys WWWform. it makes things a bit easier if your game needs to upload bigger files. There is a differnt API for it.

unless you are doing something uniquely complex or on a TCP level. I wouldn’t think you would need the C# libraries. Unity covers all the basics.