Best Distance (Record) System on Infinite Runner game

I’m Brazillian. Dont look for errors!

I’m making an Infinite Runner game on Unity, and I want to make an Record system, measured by the distance. Here’s the script I made based on a YouTube tutorial:

#pragma strict

var StartPOS: Vector3;
var Record: float;
var Distance: float;
var CustomSkin: GUISkin;
var pause : boolean = false;
var pauseGUI : GUIText;
pauseGUI.enabled = false;

function Start () {
	StartPOS = transform.position;
	Record = PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Reccord");

function Update(){


function OnGUI () {
	Distance = transform.lossyScale.magnitude;
	Distance = Vector3.Distance(transform.position,StartPOS); = CustomSkin;
	GUI.Label(new Rect(Screen.width/10,Screen.height/10,Screen.width/1,Screen.width/10),"Distance (m): "+ Distance.ToString("F1")); = CustomSkin;
	GUI.Label(new Rect(Screen.width/10,Screen.height/5,Screen.width/1,Screen.width/10),"Best (m): "+ Record.ToString("F1"));
	if (Record<Distance){
		PlayerPrefs.GetInt("Reccord",Mathf.Floor (Distance));

function OnMouseOver () {

	guiText.material.color = Color.yellow;

function OnMouseExit () {

	guiText.material.color = Color.white;

function OnMouseDown () {
	Time.timeScale = 1.0;
	pauseGUI.enabled = false;
	Application.LoadLevel ("InfiniteUnity");

On the GUI it appears like this:


And in the editor it appears like this:


This means that the game is not measuring the record distance, for some reason. Can someone help me? Thanks a lot!

PlayerPrefs.GetInt(“Reccord”,Mathf.Floor (Distance)); … pretty sure that should be SetInt and not GetInt.