Best Free Vector 2D Art Software

Hi everyone. I've been recently searching for a free 2D vector art software, and the results for the websites I've seen are very different. I'm currently between this two software: GIMP and Krita. Which one I should choose? Thanks.

Krita's illustration features and interface are both far more well implemented than in GIMP, imo, even including the GIMP variants that improve the interface.

Thanks for your reply. I'm going to wait and get more replies before I make my final decision.

You could always just download both and give them a try. They're free.

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I prefer Krita for freehand drawing and painting but I prefer GiMP for things like editing 2D textures/sprites and other image manipulation of existing images.

So of the 2, which is most similar to Photoshop?

I find Krita the best by far

Okay, thanks, everyone. I did some more research online and Krita is more for painting, and not for really making graphics. I dunno to be honest. I just downloaded GIMP, because, in my research, I see many websites saying GIMP is good. I just downloaded it, and I'm trying it out

I use affinity photo or clip studio paint currently, however during my time of having no money i used medibang paint. I like it because its brush stabiliser was the best i liked among the other programs.

If you were more specific about the type of art you are looking at, people could offer you better suggestions. I wouldn't use ANY of the programs mentioned so far for pixel art.

Due to lack of information, my vote goes to BLENDER!!!! :) You can easily make 3d models and animate them, and then render them out into sprites.


I’m doing this right now for a project I’m working on in gzdoom, in fact.

It’s actually a viable technique, especially if like you are you better(more comfortable in 3d). There are so many tricks and things you can do in 3d space as well, and in the case of pre-renders it is even better since you have to worry so much less about poly counts and then you have full access to the software, like hair particles, ALL the animation tools and modifiers, etc…

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It’s also handy if you have a complex rendering system and existing imposter systems aren’t robust enough and you don’t want to make your own. With blender, I just slam down a python script I’ve had since forever and output every channel.

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The poster asked about 2D art and didn’t say a thing about pixelart.

While blender has its uses and has some 2d capability, it is not geared towards that.

For 2d art my suggestion would be Clip Studio.
For pixel art my suggestion would be aseprite.

Neither is free, but the prices are accessible.

Gimp is decent for processing, altering and butchering photos. I wouldn’t use it for painting.
Back when I looked at free software, mypaint was decent. However, at some point they broke windows build and I’m unsure if they fixed it since.

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I believe ASEprite is still free if you have the skills to compile it yourself. This is also my preferred choice for pixel art. Though, I shelled over the few dollars to support the team.

Another couple of honorable mentions are InkScape and OpenToonz if you would like to use vector graphics rendered for 2D. Again, the OP is not very specific.

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With regional adjustments in play, aseprite was very inexpensive for me. Also, auto-update is convenient.
Regarding compiling it yourself, as far as I can tell, the license is not opensource.

Those are good tools, but it is worth mentioning that OpenToonz is likely geared towards traditional animation and not producing video game assets. Ghibli used it.

Affinity Designer and Photo is what I use.

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Definitely. However, I mention it only because I’m going to introduce it into my own pipeline for cutscene/story authoring. I used to use ToonBoom, but with OpenToonz, their project file is in xml, which makes it easily parsable for any markup you need to add for your game. OpenToonz also has a render farm server setup (I haven’t figured it out yet though), which can be used to automate building renders. This can be a boon if the OP is considering creating 2D sprite animations like Alien Hominid / Castle Crashers / Don’t Starve.

These are great tools, and I personally use Affinity Photo over Photoshop now. At <50US, you get a lot of value, but unfortunately, the OP was asking for FREE.

You are right, they didn’t say anything about pixel art. I just said that for pixel art I wouldn’t use what they mentioned, basically as to make the point that I really don’t know what type of art they are getting at(which I then elaborated on adding Blender as a suggestion, as technically it can produce 2d art via pre-rendering, though it also isn’t likely the style the OP is looking for). The topic title doesn’t mention free either, though they did mention it in the actual post(I was all about to mention Pro Motion :slight_smile: ).

On this we 100% agree, though I get better art out of it than with traditional 2d pipelines since my mind wraps better around 3d space in a general sense(plus all the tricks, etc… I mentioned).

Sorry, people for having confusion in my post. What I'm looking for is 2D Vector Art and I want to use Free Software.