Best free way to control a first person character on a mobile device

What is the easiest, free way to easily aim a cursor accurately while still being able to turn around 180 degrees. I’ve had a LOT of headaches finding the best way but I want to hear it from someone who knows what they are doing. I am basically making a third person shooter, and i want you to be able to put a little cursor on enemies to shoot them. But with a standard joystick its hard to be accurate, and with a touchpad you can make it aim accurately, but then it is a hassle to turn around 180 degrees because you have to swipe many times. How do you guys do it?


In my game I’ve worked on a touchpad with a max range. So when you reach this max range the touchpad will work as a joystick (automaticlly continue to turn), else in his (min/max Range it’s like a touchpad and so accurate to taget an ennemy).

I think the most interesting approach to this I’ve ever seen is to use the inertial measurement unit, that way you can stand in the middle of a room and use the mobile device to look around as if you’re actually inside the game :slight_smile:

It might be a little laggy or imprecise, depending on the IMU, but you could compensate by using the location of the screen tap to further point the weapon (tap right on the enemy to shoot the enemy).

How quickly can you personally turn 180° on the spot? :slight_smile: