Best image format for Mobile Splash Screen


I am getting this console warning:

Compressed texture Logo is used as splash screen. This might compromise visual quality of the final image. Uncompressed format might be considered as better import option.

I tried saving the image as png with an uncompressed option on Photoshop, but I am still getting the warning.

So, what is the best image for splash screen image? And while I am at it, is the optimal image format for splash screen image also optimal for mobile Icon?


Texture Type: GUI
Format: Android, iPhone: Truecolor

This needs to be set in the Inspector (Unity3D) when having selected an image resource of your project.

This consumes significantly more storage capacity in your uploaded binary compared to compressed images but it ensures it looks good under all circumstances. Since the various market places are way more lenient regarding the size limit of binaries that can be downloaded without WiFi connection it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

The same goes for icons.