Best importing method / recipe.

Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has documented their 3dsmax model > UVW Unwarp / Texture > Unity process? After some experimentation some of my models are different scales, though I do find using Roadkill (a small application) to do UVW Unwrap a much simpler method than using 3dsmax's jungle of a system.

Thanks :D

Aww c'mon, Max's unwrap tool isn't that bad in the latest versions. I use 2010, myself.

A couple things to keep track of for a smooth Max > Unity pipeline:

1) Max uses Z-up where Unity uses Y-up. I believe when just importing .max files Unity solves this issue for you otherwise Max's .fbx exporter has a drop-down box.

2) Unity is 1 unit = 1 meter. I find using this unit scale over 1 cm which for me is my default in Max. You'll then want to modify the import scale to be 1 as opposed to .01

For unwrapping more complicated meshes I use headus UVLayout. It is pretty much all hotkey based but if you can get used to that the results are awesome.

My workflow is as follows:

1) Model 2) Export mesh to be used in UVLayout 3) Bring the unwrapped mesh back into Max 4) Rig & Skin 5) Animate 6) Either export to fbx or take into Unity directly 7) Rinse, repeat.