Best login method?

Hello, I’m currently building a unity game for android which will have a accounts system where the user can have an account and have some of his game information stored in a external server which they can access by a login system. I’ve been reading some tutorials on how to do this with MySQL and php, and some about using Facebook login. But I’m not exactly sure what’s the best way to do this since these tutorials I saw were quite poor in information other than how to do it.

So can anyone give me some tips about how this is usually done in common android apps? Also what about security with php and such? Thanks in advance!

There is a tutorial in Unity’s Wiki that can help you with that. It has helped me many times connecting to databases and such. The tutorial itself is about saving highscores and reading them in a database, but if you analyse the code you can easily adapt to a login system.


Hope it helps.