Best Method For Best Particles?

Hello Unity3D.I have a question about about particles.What method is the best method for getting high definition particles?The reason why i ask this question is the fact that the way i get my particles is I make a mesh in my 3d modeler software and then use particle system and use my mesh and make it as a particle as it own.For example,i make a star in blender and import to unity and use particle system and underneath the mesh tab i put the mesh that was used in blender and import it into the particle system.Therefore,The particle turns into the shape of the mesh that was imported into.Is this way the best way?Or is there a better way of getting High Definition particles?If anyone knows how?Can you please tell me?(Sorry if this is a dumb question)

Particle systems are an easy way to make decent-looking stuff with low frame-rate impact. If you want one spectacular, crisp, precise effect, and can devote lots of CPU to it, hand-make and hand-code it. Don’t use the particle system at all.