Best method to get lots of textures in iPhone/Android

I am making an iPhone/Android game, for these purposes lets just say it’s marbles.

My question is, say I have 500 marble textures I want to use, what is the best method for getting these into the game.

  • Every texture applies to the same
  • Each texture will be 64x64
  • Each texture is unique

Is my best recourse to simply make 500 materials? Or 1 material that swaps a texture based on marble type? Multiple textures per material and use texture offsetting?

I have heard of texture atlasing but I essentially have no clue how to implement it or even if I should. I’m looking for an efficient and easy to implement method.

Thanks in advance
(Programmer not an artist please forgive me for my ignorance)

If they are switched alot then an atlas is by far the best way, you can keep the texture loaded and simply change the bounds in your code (or even the material itself).

Simply lay all your images onto a big flat canvas, and position them to not only fit the most on each canvas but also the easiest way to switch between them.

Check out Texture Atlas Maker - CodeProject if you’re on windows.

Good luck