Best mic to record dialogue?

Hi! I'm a couple of weeks into developing my game and I got to the point where I wanted to record some dialogue for my game. It'll mostly be conversational for the story line, but I would also like to record my my character making "grunt" type noises when getting hit. I plan to record both male and female voices that aren't especially high or low pitched. I was wondering what mic and software are good recommendations for me to use and things I that should look out for.
I did a little research but most of the things I found were a little old, so I was wondering what people use now, plus I've never used a mic to record before so I'm totally new to the topic and am just a little lost.
Price is a consideration, but I am willing to spend a little.

Thanks in advance!!

If you are on mac you should use garageband and if you are on windows use Audacity
For the mic,if you are on a budget you could use a USB microphone