Best Multiplayer Middleware


We’re currently in the design stage of a multiplayer game, and have stumbled upon the question of which multiplayer middleware system to use.

The game is going to have to have serverside logic (so Photon is out of the question), though the game itself will be round based (but the rounds may be multiple days/weeks long).

We’re currently looking at uLink, Unity Multiplayer and SmartFox, though we don’t know which will suit best, and which systems have which advantages. Also we maybe left out an option.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you!

Nikita Makarov with Gateway Games

I’d also recommend you look at AppWarp S2. It comes with a free license of 500 CCUs and also has support for Unity Free (doesn’t require Pro) from the client SDK.
The concepts of rooms and lobbies are already there. You can extend them with the use of Adaptors if you want. The other cool thing is that ShepHertz offers a hosting environment for this as well called gpaas.

Also the sites have detailed Unity client samples which illustrate the integration and help you to get started easily.