Best new 2d tool to make a game like Zombieville ?

I’m trying to make a game like zombieville, with 2d characters that have colliders and it’s all optimized for mobile, but I can’t choose between 3 different assets to achieve this. I’m sure you guys are aware of the method Mika Mobile used with Maya, but there are 3 new tools released after they went over their method. One uses the same way & makes life a lot easier.
I don’t know which one to choose to achieve animated characters / gameplay like Mika Mobile did. If they were to do it today, which tool do you think they would choose? Or what would you guys choose since these are all fairly new? Thanks

Easymotion2d -

*Comes with nice example character & scripts

*Bone based animation. Not sure how complicated it is to generate collisions with latest version.

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Rage Spline / ragetools (future pro version) -

*Creators opinion on animation: “I rather use the default Unity infra-structure for the actual animations. It’s way more flexible on the pipeline, you can for instance use Playmaker default actions to play your animations instead of needing to build a custom one as you have to with, say, SpriteManager2’s custom animations. I’m not sure if these products can deploy to default Unity animations or not btw, I’m just making a point on how RageTools Pro will work for animations.”

*Generates colliders

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Umotion 2D -

*Collider method: With Umotion 2D Export you have extra data for each plane (ID, x/y Position, X/Y dimension, Rotation Ecc… ).
So yes, you can setup planes for collisions but will have to use extra scripts to control collisions.

*Uses same method as Zombieville, but makes it much easier.
(The final result is similar to what you get when creating animations with a 3D software like Maya or 3DMax, only you are working into a 2D environment.)

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So, to make a game like zombieville (or any 2d sidescroller game really) these days, with these new tools, which one would you choose for characters ? I want to use whatevers easiest but still gives quality results, and can use the same scripts from a 3d platformer.

Mika Mobile said something interesting where they look at 2d the same way as 3d, so you could essentially use the Lerpz 2d platformer, and many other scripts you already have, to help get you started. I’m also not sure which one of these tools is easiest to start scripting movement / gameplay with, since one you can use playmaker and another is harder like using SM2. Thanks!

RageTools Features Video:

I would also like to know the answer to this question…anyone?,I would also like to know the answer to this question…anyone?