Best online servers for Web Browser Multiplayer?


I come from a old school web design background mostly with PHP and MySql and alot of Flash.

I got the Networking tutorial working on my hosted account(apache php)

  1. What are the best online servers for unity multiplayer features
  2. Can unity use a Virtual Private Server (Apache) to accomplish server client multiplayer?

It seems as though 1 player acts as a Server, everyone else joins the game on that 1 player?

Ok, I ran a test and it ran good

I have a VPS hosting account, I uploaded smartfoxpro and installed it via ssh

I uploaded smartfoxpro's MMO island unity3d game, typed in my VPS ip address,

and wahlah, worked well, with my friend on the other side of the world

unity has multiple options for networking.

  1. unity's own system uses raknet and you can easily create authoritative servers and implement server logic using unity's own API set. in this way you can have headless dedicated servers running on any computer that can run standalones or just host a masterserver and let users to be servers while playing with others.
  2. optional backends. there are backends like exitgames's photon and smartfox server that are not a part of unity and just handle transformation of messages and implementing serverside logic on them is not that easy. that MMO demo just send messages and is a chat server with some other messages and is not by no means close to a real MMO server.

between those back ends. photon is UDP based and it's scripting language is C#. smartfox is HTTP and TCP based and you can use python, java and javascript to extend it.

you can run all of these options on virtual servers.